About Us:

Men and women in Scottsdale, Arizona can trust the specialists at Ageless Anatomy to provide expert anti-aging, functional, and aesthetic medicine. Dr. Briana Cain, Dr. Greg Jones, Ms. Brooke Bangart, and Markus Powell provide their expertise to help enhance the way you look and feel.

All providers have extensive training in the services they offer, including laser and aesthetic services, skin treatments, hormone therapy, wrinkle-reducing injections, IV nutrition therapy, and pain management. We at Ageless Anatomy recognize that each patient is an individual who deserves a customized plan to meet their aesthetic and health goals. Along with treatment, patients receive information about the “why” behind each therapy, because patient education is important to the providers at Ageless Anatomy.

People of all ages, professions, skin types and ethnicities are welcome at the practice. We have a unique skill set and specialize in individual customized treatment plans.

Ms. Bangart also has extensive experience with laser and skin care for darker skin types.

For the best in anti-aging and functional medicine in Scottsdale and the surrounding area, call Ageless Anatomy today or book an appointment using the online scheduler.

Our Providers:


Dr. Briana Cain


Dr. Greg Jones

Cosmetic Laser Specialist & Esthetician

Brooke Bangart

EMT-P Infusion Specialist

Markus Powell

How old you are is your business. How young you feel is ours.