Markus Powell - EMT-P Infusion Specialist

Markus chose the medical field because he has a deep passion for helping others. Markus has been working in the Medical Field starting back in 1988 as an EMT- Basic. He went on to follow his dreams and graduated from Paramedic/Firefighter School in 2005, and worked as a Paramedic/Firefighter for 8 years in Arizona and Illinois. After being injured on an emergency call, he was forced to reinvent himself and entered the world of Naturopathic Medicine, never to look back. He has truly found his calling in natural medicine, and has had the privilege of working for some of the best Naturopathic & Functional Medicine doctors in the world. He truly gets up everyday with excitement, and always looks forward to the new discoveries being made daily in functional medicine.
Among other achievements, Markus is also an Infusion Specialist, Nutritional Counselor, Fitness Trainer, Vegan Chef, Award Winning Musician and 2nd Dan under Master Darryl Khalid. Markus has trained The Scottsdale Community College Golf Team (Nutrition/ Fitness), the Oakland A’s Farm Team, the Buffalo Soldiers (re-enactment), and a litany of professional athletes, musicians, pilots, business icons and those involved in child fitness and nutrition. Markus Powell is newly married to Christina Powell, and has two daughters and three granddaughters.